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Conic Sections: Identify the Parts Practice

4.0 ( 9440 ratings )
Utvecklare: Paul Franz
0.99 USD

This app is primarily designed for teachers and students of math. Usually covered in an Algebra 2 or PreCalculus course.

For teachers, allows them to easily generate random conic section equations for :
• Line
• Circle
• Parabola
• Ellipse
• Hyperbola from a list of buttons are top of each screen.

For students, provides self-paced practice for random conic section equations for each of the sections listed above. Once a conic section is selected, they are prompted for the relevant ‘parts’ of that section with can includes Center, Radius, Axis of symmetry, Vertex, Major axis, Minor axis, Asymptotes, Foci, Opens, Horizontal , Vertical, H, K and C.

The app provides for 2 timing modes including untimed (the default) and 5 minute testing modes. After the student has answered each question, the app gives them immediate feedback including the correct answer if they choose the wrong answer.

In all modes, the total number of question requested and the number answered correctly is displayed at the top of the screen.

Designed, built and field tested in co-operation with a high school math teacher (Thanks Keith!)
Requires IOS 8.0 or higher
Designed, built and tested primarily for IPhone 5, IPhone6 however works great on IPads.